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SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen Sprachschule Sprachkurse


All information has been collected with greatest diligence. The contents are updated regularly. The information is provided without guarantee.

Responsible for the contents:

Company: SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen
Proprietor: Aneta Sych, Dachauer Str. 178, 80992 München
Telephon: 089/14 90 39 58
Fax: 089/14 90 39 53
Mobile: 0172/78 69 459
Email: aneta.sych@sych-sprachdienstleistungen.de
Homepage: www.sych-sprachdienstleistungen.de
Revenue office: Finanzamt München IV
Tax registration no.: 146/226/21445

Concept und design:

Werbeagentur pixWork
Proprietor: Markus Carra-Neubauer
Buckenhofener Str. 54a
91301 Forchheim
Telephon: 09191 - 97 82 82
Fax: 09191 - 97 82 83
Homepage: http://www.agentur-pixwork.de
Email:  m.carra@agentur-pixwork.de

Legal advice:

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Warranty and liability:

We do not guarantee and are not liable for the contents of this website to be up to date, complete and correct. The same applies to hyperlinks on this website to any other websites. Also, the right to errors and technical modifications is reserved. We reserve the right to perform modifications or amendments of the provided information without previous notice. Place of fulfillment and – as far as legally possible – unique place of jurisdiction is Munich.

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Legal advice concerning hyper links:

According to Judgment of 12.05.1998, AZ: 312 O 85/98 “Liability for links” of Landgericht Hamburg, placing a link on a website may cause responsibility for the contents also of the linked website. Further following the reasoning of Landgericht Hamburg, this can only be prevented by explicitly dissociating oneself of the contents of the linked websites.

For all linked websites is stated:

SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen intends to select carefully any linked website and its contents, however does not have any influence on the contents or design of those linked websites. Thus, there cannot be any responsibility or liability assumed for them. This statement applies to any website linked to from our website and its contents. We expressly dissociate ourselves from the contents of any linked website.

Data protection:

SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen will never forward or sell any of your personal information to any third party, unless you declare your explicit permission or order to do so.


SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen hereby gives permission to the reproduction and use of the documents and/or programs published on the internet for non-commercial purposes. Any document and/or program published by ourselves on the internet may contain trademarks or copyright notices that belong to the respective owners of those brands or rights. Copyright notices and other trademark notices contained in documents and/or programs must be saved upon each forwarding  of the documents and/or programs and may not be removed. Under no circumstances SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen is liable for any damages, including consequential damages such as lost profits, loss of business data, interruption to business operations, lost savings and/or other damages arising accidentally or consequently after copying, use or impossibility of use of the documents and/or programs, unless there is a case of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

The text is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. The use of the texts and images – even extracts – without previous permission is a punishable act. This applies especially to reproduction and use in course material or electronic systems.