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SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen Sprachschule Sprachkurse


Jobs available for language teachers / translators / interpreters

Would you like to be part of the team of SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen language school?

It's simple...

Step 1: Check if you fulfill the following criteria, independently of the language you would like to teach:

Step 2: Send us your complete CV with all of your previous certificates, diplomas and your picture.

Step 3: Contact us by phone (089/14903958), fax (089/14903953), mail (SYCHer Sprachen Sprechen, Dachauer Str. 178, 80992 München) or email (aneta.sych@sych-sprachdienstleistungen.de)

Step 4: No it is our turn: as soon as we have evaluated your CV, we will get in touch with you.

Good luck! We look forward to meeting you!