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Corporate offers

As our corporate customer with your therefore special requirements we would like to offer you support with our language services world wide.

Foreign language communication and correspondence nowadays is part of an enterprise's bread and butter. The necessity to acquire, refresh or intensify knowledge of foreign languages becomes more and more crucial in order to maintain a market position.

We offer you in house corporate language courses in any language of our portfolio. The courses are designed according to the individual wishes and specifications, taking into account the enterprise's branch and related peculiarities. The foreign language skills commonly are not limited to the management. Also the basic level employees should possess the firm ability be able to communicate, as commonly they are the ones who make the first contact with the foreign customers, by phone or in person.

Our main focus is the German-Polish language area, but we will readily offer you the following packages in many other languages:

We offer:

Contact us and we will make an offer without any obligation. Do not hesitate!