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Conversational training

According to the customer's wish, the course takes place once or twice per week. One class in our school always lasts for 90 min. (i.e. 2 course units of 45 min.)

This kind of training focuses on the most important skill of learning a foreign language, which is the speaking skill. The participant tries to express and defend his/her opinion and to tell about general facts. The objective of the training for the participant is to gain trust and self-assurance within the spoken language.

The participants are taught how to formulate informative, well related and logical statements. The style of speech is practiced and improved by the use of various activation exercises and games. The basic subjects and the difficulty level are adjusted to the participant and his/her level of progress.

Your advantages:

Our prices:

 Kind of the course Number of the teaching units (45 min.) Dates Price Price per teaching unit (45 min.)
Individual course until 19 We will meet your individual requirements    52,00 €
 from 20 We will meet your individual requirements    50,00 €
 from 30 We will meet your individual requirements    48,00 €
Couple course  24

We will meet your individual requirements

 479,00 € per person  19,95 €
Group Course


To be agreed with the group 429,00 € per person  17,87 €