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Intensive course

If you want to learn a language quickly, the intensive language course is the right choice!

This course requires a high level of concentration, as the students keep engaged in the target language for three hours daily. This provides rapid and straight away progress. Optimal skills are developed in a short period of time.

The course takes place daily Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00 or 18:00-21:00h, for four consecutive weeks. Each day of class contains each of the four language skills: Speaking, writing, listening and reading. Recently acquired contents are always being consolidated through numerous exercises. Theoretical matters are applied in practical situations and thus repeated.

Your advantages:

Our prices:

 Number of the teaching units
(45 min.)
Dates Price Price per teaching unit
(45 min.)
 80  every first Monday in the month 479,00 €   5,98 €