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Language for vacations

You are planning a trip abroad and want to be able to master common dialogue situations? We have the adequate language course for you!

The main subject of this course consists of recreational traveling. We want to prepare you properly for your first contact with the foreign country, foreign culture and most of all the foreign language, so that you take home the most pleasant memories of your vacations.

This training provides the common vocabulary of a holiday trip as well as the typical sentence constructions and idioms. You will play different roles in realistic situations in order to practice the theoretical matters. Everyday problems are analyzed and repeated with the help of numerous dialogue situations.

The course takes place once per week, one class lasts for 90 min. (i.e. 2 course units of 45 mins.)

We will be happy to meet your personal requirements.

Your advantages:

Our prices:

 Kind of the course Number of the teaching units (45 min.) Dates Price Price per teaching unit (45 min.)
Individual course until 19 We will meet your individual requirements


 45,00 €
 from 20 We will meet your individual requirements


 43,00 €
 from 30 We will meet your individual requirements


 41,00 €
Couple course  24 We will meet your individual requirements

 419,00 € per person

 17,46 €
Group course  24 To be agreed with the Group

 369,00 € per person

 15,37 €